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West Delaware High School Returning to Regular Learning Second Semester

West Delaware High School will be returning to every day in-person learning for the second semester.

High school students have been using a hybrid model of instruction since late September – with students whose last numbers begin with the first half of the alphabet attending school in-person every other day while the second half learn from home and vice versa.

However, Superintendent Dr. Kristen Rickey says with Delaware County’s positivity rate now under 15% for the first time since late September, along with a couple of changes in quarantine rules, the high school will return to every day in-person learning on January 14th. She says she also received input from some families that their high school students needed to return to in-person learning every day to help with social emotional needs, although there was also some input from families who prefer the hybrid learning.

West Delaware High School will continue the current hybrid model of instruction through the end of second term.

The every day in-person learning will continue at both Lambert Elementary and West Delaware Middle School as planned.

Rickey says they’ll continue watching the situation and may need to change again if something changes with the pandemic. As of Monday, less than five students and staff in the West Delaware School District were currently positive with COVID-19, while sixteen students and staff were in quarantine.


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