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Petition Calls for West Delaware Bond Referendum

A petition is circulating around the West Delaware School District, calling for a bond referendum for facility improvements.

Last year, the school district created a task force made up of community members, who spent six months learning about the needed improvements from engineers and the school principals and touring the facilities.

Caitlyn Scherbring, who served on the Facilities Task Force, says their recommendations have been brought forth to the school board and now it’s time to take the next steps.

A referendum petition is being circulated to have the school board consider a $20 million bond referendum that will fund those improvements to the schools. Scherbring says by signing the petition, you are asking the board to schedule an election for a bond referendum. They need at least four hundred signatures from the community before the end of the year.

Anyone 18 and older can sign the petition, which is making its way around the community.

And if you’d like to help, feel free to reach out to Caitlyn Scherbring or the West Delaware School District Office. She says if the board decides to run a bond referendum, they would certainly welcome more people getting involved.


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