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Regional Medical Center CEO Reflects on 2020

2020 was a challenging year for all of us – especially our hospitals.

Regional Medical Center CEO Charlie Button says no one saw COVID coming a year ago – and definitely no one believed it could be a devastating as it turned out to be. He says seeing the surge of COVID cases in November was one thing he’ll remember about the year.

Button says a couple other things also stand out to him as being major stressors on RMC’s healthcare system in 2020, including a reduction in services.

Despite the challenges, he says there were some bright spots and successes during the year for Regional Medical Center.

And Button says RMC is looking forward to some positive things in 2021.

And Regional Medical Center is saying goodbye to one of their longtime providers in 2021. Dr. Reid Boom is retiring today after 35 years of service to our local communities.

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