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Petition Drive to Open Dyersville Streets to ATVs and UTVs

A petition drive is underway to open Dyersville to ATVs and UTVs on city streets.

On Saturday, the Dubuque County ATV/UTV Alliance held an informal meeting in Dyersville with residents and business owners to gauge support.

The Alliance says business owners who attended were in favor of the change, wanting more traffic to come to Dyersville. And residents expressed their desire to be able to drive their UTVs and ATVs from their homes to neighboring towns that allow ATVs and UTVs without having to load them onto trailers.

Dyersville City Council member Mike Oberbroeckling also attended the meeting to get more information.

Dyersville residents are organizing a petition drive, with hopes to present the petition to the City Council by February 1st. They’re aiming to get at least ten percent of Dyersville residents and business owners to sign it.

The petition is available to sign at The Palace, Joe’s Diner and Happy Joe’s, as well as online. You can find the link to the petition here:


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