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Some Manchester Residents Concerned about New Garbage Pickup System

Some Manchester residents are concerned about the City’s new pickup system for garbage and recycling.

The City announced last month that Kluesner Sanitation was moving to an automated garbage and recycling system, which meant everyone in the city’s residential areas received new garbage and recycling cans – with recycling now picked up only every other week.

But that doesn’t seem to be working well for everyone. City Manager Tim Vick says they’ve gotten feedback from residents who are both sides of the spectrum.

Vick says unfortunately, the City’s contract is a one-size-fits-all situation – so if the current situation isn’t working for you, you need to reach out to Kluesner Sanitation directly.

Kluesner Sanitation can be reached by calling 927-5977. And just a reminder – please make sure your recycling and trash cans four feet apart from each other when placing them at the curb.


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