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Dyersville Approves Site Concept Plan for New City Square

The City of Dyersville is making plans for a new city square.

The city square is a block of land that sits just east of St. Francis Xavier School. Years ago, the area was filled with homes, but the homes were removed after the 2008 flood. And due to flood buyout regulations, the land must now be used only as open space, such as a park.

The City is envisioning the new city square as a place that can be used for the downtown market, special concert events and other public gathering events.

On Monday night, the Dyersville City Council approved an amended site concept plan for the city square. It includes a shade structure, a playground, a large grassy area, a pathway and a stormwater area, as well as a buffer zone with trees and landscaping. You can find a few photos of the design on our website at https://usercontent.flodesk.com/e4565f49-dd20-4884-a5f9-531dc19b1148/upload/21-0104-final-graphic-perspectives_32f4269f-9e87-4fb6-8382-d06af077fc72.pdf

City Manager Mick Michel says they are now seeking private partnerships and grant opportunities to go towards the construction of the new park space.


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