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Sisters Take Over Edgewood Event Center and Catering Business

Two sisters have taken over the Edgewood Event Center and catering business.

Rosie Totman and Marge Rhines purchased the business last fall from the Edgewood Locker. And with both of the women already successful business owners in Edgewood – Rosie owns Café Rose and Marge owns Pie-Eyed & Flakey – they felt like this new venture was a natural step.

And they have a lot to offer Edgewood and the surrounding area.

Rosie and Marge say the Edgewood community has been extremely supportive since they announced they were taking over the business on November 1st. And while 2020 wasn’t an ideal time to purchase an event center and catering business due to COVID shutdowns, they’re looking forward to what the future will bring.

And Marge says being able to work together as sisters makes this new venture even more enjoyable.

And this Saturday night, the Edgewood Event Center will be hosting a special event called the “Taste of Edgewood Catering” – giving anyone interested in their catering service the opportunity to see what they have to offer. They’ll have at least 75% of their menu served buffet-style. To RSVP for Saturday night’s “Taste of Edgewood Catering” event, contact 928-7342 or email

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