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Dyersville Residents Petition for ATV/UTV Route in Town

The City of Dyersville is considering the possibility of allowing ATVs and UTVs on city streets.

At Monday night’s city council meeting, the council was presented with a petition requesting all-terrain and utility vehicle usage in town.

Dyersville resident Ashley Wohlers, who helped organize the petition, says they want to work with the City to create a safe route through town – whatever that route may be – that will help bring more people to Dyersville and support local businesses.

The petition was started three weeks ago via Facebook, with paper copies also available to sign at several local businesses. The group had hoped to get at least 10% of city residents to sign the petition – and they reached their goal, with 478 signatures. Over 900 area residents who live outside of Dyersville’s city limits also signed the petition, along with 31 local businesses.

One Dyersville resident in favor of the proposal told the City Council he believes UTVs “are a lot safer than kids on mopeds”.

Wohlers says ATVs and UTVs would have to follow similar rules and regulations as other vehicles that travel the city’s streets.

Dyersville Mayor Jim Heavens and city council members say they have heard opinions from both sides, with the mayor adding that both sides are pretty evenly split and very passionate about why they should or should not be allowed.

The City Council will likely turn this proposal over to a committee for further consideration, but they’d like to hear more from those opposed to the proposal first. Mayor Heavens says he has heard that residents opposed to it may voice their opinions at the next meeting on February 15th, so the proposal has been tabled until then.


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