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Four Charged with Poaching in Buchanan and Linn Counties

The Iowa DNR says a routine inspection of local taxidermy operations in Buchanan and Linn counties led to a yearlong investigation, with four people being convicted on dozens of wildlife violations.

41-year old Jason Webster of Quasqueton was convicted of multiple criminal charges of illegally taking wild turkey, abandoning white-tailed deer, and 19 other criminal violations.

42-year old Jeremiah Pillard of Troy Mills pleaded guilty to illegally taking wild turkey, white-tailed deer, rabbit, and for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

The DNR says Webster and Pillard’s poaching activity took place between October 2019 and January 2020. Search warrants were executed at their homes in January 2020.

Webster’s hunting privileges were suspended indefinitely. He faces over $15,000 in damages and his hunting and fishing equipment was confiscated. Pillard was given a five-year suspended sentence and two years probation.

52-year old Kelly McCardle of rural Quasqueton also pleaded guilty to illegally providing her deer tags to other hunters, and 36-year-old Shelia Kisner of Quasqueton admitted to hunting without a valid hunting license, habitat fee, and deer tag.


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