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Manchester City Council Meeting Recap

The Manchester City Council met Monday night.

Riverbend Pub & Grill has submitted a request to construct a covered deck on their existing patio/porch on the south side of the building. The City will look further into this request. Riverbend is also requesting a street closure on Saturday, July 10th from noon to 4 pm for a benefit ride, with the City agreeing to close South Franklin and East Delaware.

The City Council also discussed the Tirrill Court Pickleball and Tennis Court projects. City Parks and Recreation Director Doug Foley was able to secure a $20,000 grant from MinnTex Citrus out of Monticello for the construction of two new pickleball courts. Foley would also like to re-do the tennis courts in Tirrill Park – and with this grant, he would change the structure from two tennis courts to one tennis court and two pickleball courts. The project would also include a new playing surface and updated fencing around the facility. The project could cost $100,000 total, which includes the grant. The City says pickleball has a loyal group of players in Manchester and this will bring more users to the park. The Council chose to approve the grant and move forward with the project. 

And the City Council heard from HomeServe, who approached the City of Manchester about offering a Service Line Warranty Program for residents. HomeServe has worked with the National League of Cities to develop a warranty program to assist homeowners with the costs of replacing water and sewer service lines from the home to the main. The program provides a means in which a homeowner can purchase a warranty that will cover the costs of a service line failure. The program covers the typical kinds of failures a property owner may see, including a leaking curb stop, a frozen service line or plugged/collapsed sewer service line. Manchester City Manager Tim Vick will talk more about this and other items from Monday’s meeting on Tuesday’s Guest of the Day at 8:10 am on KMCH.


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