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Delaware County Moving to Waiting List Model for COVID-19 Vaccine

Delaware County is moving to a waiting list model for the COVID-19 vaccine, with more doses expected in the coming weeks. The following is a press release from Delaware County Public Health released late Thursday afternoon:

It is welcome news that many people in our communities are ready and excited to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Delaware County continues to follow the guidelines for vaccine administration as directed by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Like other counties, there have been challenges in Delaware County with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout as demand is very high and supply is low and have appreciated the feedback from the community on how things are going. Everyone involved in the administration process has worked diligently to try to provide the most fair distribution process while receiving limited supply and following state regulations.

As of today February 11, the state of Iowa has guaranteed Delaware County to receive 200 vaccine doses each week through the end of February. After the month of February, it is unknown what the allotment will be. With these 200 doses during the month of February, Delaware County is to vaccinate the 65+ population while simultaneously working the 5 Tiers.

Effective immediately for those 65+, we are transitioning to a waiting list model including those individuals who have already signed up for vaccine notifications.

  • Moving forward when we have a vaccine clinic open for 65+, we will randomly select people from the waiting list using a computer generated system.

  • Those randomly selected will be contacted to see if they want a vaccine appointment. If we do not reach them, we will leave a voicemail with a specified time they need to call back by to secure their appointment. If we do not hear back from them by the specified time, we will move on to the next person randomly selected on the waiting list.

  • If someone has already signed up for our vaccine notices, they do not need to sign up again. They are automatically on the waiting list for a vaccine.

  • To sign up for our waiting list, please visit regmedctr.org/covidvaccinewaitlist. If you do not have Internet access or need help, please call 563-927-7600.

“We recognize the current supply of vaccine does not meet the demand in our service area and the frustration this is causing residents,” shared Amy Mensen, RMC Chief Operating Officer. “However, we ask the public to please support our healthcare and public health officials as we acclimate to the quickly changing environment with COVID. Please continue to be patient. As the supply from the state is increased, our healthcare workers will be able to vaccinate more people in the community.”

Currently, the state of Iowa is in Phase 1B which means the following priority populations are eligible for vaccination. Currently, Delaware County is vaccinating those 65+ and Tier 1. As more vaccine becomes available, we will progress through the remaining tiers.

    • Persons age 65 and older are eligible for the vaccine during any tier.

    • Tier 1: First responders such as firefighters, police officers, and child welfare social workers; AND PK-12 school staff, early childhood education, and childcare workers

    • Tier 2: Food, agriculture, distribution and manufacturing workers who work in or live in congregate settings that do not allow for social distancing AND Individuals with disabilities living in home settings and their direct care staff

    • Tier 3: Staff of and individuals living in congregate settings (does not include college dormitories); AND Government officials, to ensure continuity of government including staff, engaged in state business at the Iowa Capitol during the legislative session

    • Tier 4: Inspectors responsible for hospital, long-term care, and child safety

    • Tier 5: Correctional facility staff and individuals incarcerated



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