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Clayton County Awarded Grant to Help with New Initiative

A local effort to attract more professionals and families to Clayton County has received five thousand dollars.

The funds are from a grant called Power of Connection, administered jointly by ITC Midwest and the Iowa Rural Development Council.

Clayton County Conservation is launching an initiative to engage young adults and young families and encourage them to explore the county. The initiative is called “Attracting Success: Northeast Iowa Professionals Thrive in Rural Landscapes”. It will include a marketing campaign and fall summit for northeast Iowa professionals. And with recent upgrades to the broadband network in Clayton County, there are more opportunities for telework occupations, creating the opportunity for more professionals to relocated to the area.

ITC Midwest President Dusky Terry says many professionals now have the ability to telework from anywhere, which makes relocating to rural communities an attractive option for those seeking a better quality of life. He says with a scenic landscape and variety of recreational activities, Clayton County has a great deal to offer for professionals and families.


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