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DNR Proposes Expanding Bobcat Harvest into Delaware, Dubuque & Jones Counties

The Iowa DNR has given the go-ahead to expand bobcat hunting zones in the state.

DNR Wildlife Biologist Vince Evelsizer says the proposal will expand the bobcat harvest into three local counties.

Evelsizer says it’s clear the bobcats are moving beyond the three counties they are adding.

He says they have taken a slow and steady approach to expanding the bobcat harvest.

This proposed rule allows each fur harvester to take one bobcat in Delaware, Dubuque and Jones counties. The bobcat population had dwindled due to loss of habitat and they became an endangered species in 1977. A limited hunting season was re-instated in 2007 and then expanded as the population continued to grow.

The DNR will hold a conference call to take comments on the proposal on March 30th from noon to 1 pm. And written comments can also be submitted through March 30th.


story courtesy of Radio Iowa


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