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Fluctuating Temps Could Lead to Frozen Water Service Lines

The sub-zero temperatures may be behind us, but there’s still a threat of your water service lines freezing.

Manchester City Manager Tim Vick says they’ve received two reports of frozen water service lines from residents this past week.

That’s because with temperatures fluctuating between warm and cold, the frost may have been pushed deeper in the ground.

To prevent your lines from freezing, allow cold water to drip through your faucets. Faucets farthest from the street should be the ones left running on cold at a slow trickle. You can also open your cabinets and closets that contain water lines to allow warm air to circulate around the plumbing. Installing water pipe insulation can also help – and make sure you seal any cracks in your doors, windows and foundations.

The City of Manchester doesn’t require these measures be taken, but prevention is often most cost effective.

The City says frozen water service lines could remain a threat over the next two to three weeks.


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