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Manchester City Council Meeting Recap

The Manchester City Council met Monday night.

The Council held a public hearing on a proposed General Obligation Corporate Purpose Loan Agreement not to exceed one million dollars. City Manager Tim Vick says the majority of the bond proceeds – $750,000 – will go towards the City’s 2022 Street Improvement Projects.

The City Council also discussed a potential fiber project through Manchester with Comelec. The area being considered at this time is east and south of the Williams Street water tower.

And Service Line Warranties has prepared a draft letter that will be sent out to Manchester property owners. The City Council had a chance to review the letter at Monday’s meeting.

And an audit of the City’s Fiscal Year 2020 financial records has been completed. City Manager Tim Vick says the audit went well and they’ll be making necessary changes. You can find a copy of the City’s audit on their website and at Manchester City Hall.


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