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Two Inmates Charged with Murder in Anamosa Prison Attack

Two inmates are charged with murder following Tuesday’s attack at the Anamosa State Penitentiary.

A press conference was held Wednesday afternoon in front of the prison, providing more details about the events that took place. Beth Skinner, director of the Iowa Department of Corrections, revealed the names of the staff members who were killed.

The investigation is still underway, but DCI Special Agent Richard Rahn said they were able to release more details about what happened shortly after 10 am Tuesday in the prison’s infirmary.

Roby, a 57-year old inmate, was trying to render first aid to the two injured staff members when he was attacked by the two fellow inmates. Special Agent Rahn says the attacks happened as the two inmates were attempting to escape the Anamosa prison.

Special Agent Rahn says hammers were used in the attacks.

Both Dutcher and Woodard have been charged with two counts of First Degree Murder, as well as Attempted Murder and Second Degree Kidnapping.

Director Skinner says she believes the last time a prison staff member was murdered was in 1975 – more than 45 years ago. It has shaken the Anamosa community, as well as the family of employees within the Iowa Department of Corrections.

Special Agent Rahn says the victims in this attack should be remembered as heroes.

The DCI will continue to provide details of Tuesday’s attack in Anamosa as the investigation continues.


Lorena Schulte


Robert McFarland


McKinley Roby


Thomas Woodard


Michael Dutcher


Inmate photos courtesy of Vinelink; victim photos courtesy of KCRG


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