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Manchester City Council Meeting Recap

The City of Manchester is preparing to tear down the old funeral home on North Franklin Street.

The Manchester City Council reviewed bids last night for asbestos removal and demolition of 500 North Franklin.ย 

Some groups had hoped to save the building and repurpose it, but City Manager Tim Vick says it would be difficult to renovate it to make it compliant.ย 

The City Council approved the low bid for asbestos abatement to Advanced Environmental Testing & Abatement of Waterloo at a cost of over $18,000. They also approved the low bid for demolition to Lansing Brothers of Luxemburg for just under $26,000.

The Manchester City Council also approved the preliminary and final plat of the Kehrli Farmstead 5th Subdivision – a three lot subdivision. The land lies west of North 13th Street near Norby’s. The developer would like to build senior housing there.

And the Council adopted a resolution that approved a minor subdivision requested by Neuhaus Construction & Concrete. The plat will split the single lot into two lots for two duplexes on Stiles Street.

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