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Cattle Producers Meet in Manchester to Discuss Packer Pricing Problem

Cattle producers from several counties met in Manchester this week to discuss the current problem in the cattle industry.

The problem is live cattle pricing by packers – with both producers and consumers taking a hit.

That’s Manchester farmer Wilbur Kehrli. He was one of about two dozen producers from a four county area who attended a meeting at Old 20 Auctions on Wednesday night to hear from a representative of R-Calf, a national non-profit organization owned by producers dedicated to ensuring the continued profitability and viability of the U.S. cattle industry.

Kehrli says cattle producers right now are facing almost the same kind of situation that hog producers faced about twenty years ago.

Hard years like this aren’t anything new for farmers – but Kehrli says the hard years tend to be coming around more often than the good years lately.

He says Wednesday’s meeting with R-Calf was informative – and the organization is encouraging cattle producers to get involved and take action.

You can find more information about R-Calf and its fight for the independence cattle producers at

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