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Edgewood Man Charged with Insurance Fraud

An Edgewood man has been charged with insurance fraud.

The Iowa Insurance Division says 24-year old Joseph Dean Hansel has been charged with two counts of Insurance Fraud-Presenting False Information and one count of Insurance Fraud-Application Submission, both Class D felonies.

The charges follow an investigation by the Iowa Insurance Division’s Fraud Bureau that began in December. According to criminal complaints filed by the Bureau, Hansel was involved in a collision in Edgewood last November and gave his insurance company false information in order to obtain auto insurance coverage. He provided false information to his insurance company in regards to when the collision occurred and who was operating the vehicle at the time of the accident in order to get insurance benefits. The Bureau did not release any additional details.

On Friday, Hansel was issued a summons to appear in Clayton County District Court.

Trial will be set for a future date.

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