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West Delaware Auto Trades Registered Apprenticeship Program Leading the Way in Iowa

West Delaware is leading the way when it comes to apprenticeships in the state.

Blake Cook recently became the first high school student to complete an Auto Trades Registered Apprenticeship in Iowa.

Instructor Jason Guyer says the auto apprenticeship program at West Delaware was the first of its kind in the state – similar to the welding apprenticeship program that welding instructor Seth Harms started at the school started a few years ago.

The program allows students to work at local auto repair shops while still attending high school.

It took Blake about 2,000 hours to complete the program – and he did it in about 15 months. With school shutdown due to COVID last spring, Blake was able to work eight hours a day and do his schoolwork at night – in a normal year, he’d be limited to working two or three hours a day after school. And he got all of his hours in at Boubin in Manchester.

Guyer says they plan to continue the Auto Apprenticeship Program at West Delaware into next school year.


photo courtesy of West Delaware

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