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CIPCO Announces Plans to Build Large Solar Farm Near Coggon

An Iowa electric power provider has announced plans to build a large solar farm near Coggon.

Coggon Solar will be located on private land about two miles from Coggon.

Central Iowa Power Cooperative CEO Bill Cherrier says the farm will provide 100 more megawatts of power to Central Iowa Power Cooperative members. The project will contribute several million dollars in property tax revenue to Linn County over the life of the generating facility and is projected to create 350 construction jobs at its peak, many of which will be from local labor.

News of the new project follows the utility’s construction of a more than 300,000-panel solar power farm south of Wapello. The 100-megawatt Wapello Solar Facility covering 800 acres in Louisa County began delivering power to the Iowa grid last month.

The new solar field near Coggon will begin operations in 2022.

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