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Dyersville City Council Approves First Reading of ATV/ORUV Ordinance

The Dyersville City Council has taken the first step towards allowing ATVs and ORUVs on city streets.

On Monday night, the council approved the first reading of a newly-drafted ATV/ORUV ordinance.

The City says the ordinance was modeled after the City of Manchester’s ordinance, though it has been customized to the Dyersville community. There are several areas the ATVs and ORUVs will not be allowed, including Highway 20, trails, sidewalks and city parks.

A committee has proposed testing the new ordinance by allowing ATVs and ORUVs in Dyersville on six specific days this year. Those six dates, which range from June to September, coincide with events taking place in town, including the Downtown Friday Nights and markets.

But ATV and ORUV riders are not happy about only being able to come into town on those six specific dates. Several Dyersville residents told the City Council there are over 900 people who live out of town who signed the petition earlier this year supporting an ordinance and who want to come to town – but these proposed dates and times are confusing and feel like an “entrapment”. Dyersville resident Ashley Wohlers, who has served as the spokesperson for the ATV/ORUV group, is proposing the dates and times be extended to every Friday, Saturday and Sunday – all day.

The council approved the first reading of the ordinance on a four to one vote, amending the ordinance to remove Aquatic Drive SE as one of the prohibited areas. City council member Mike English was the only council member to vote no, saying ATVs and ORUVs are designed and marketed as off-road vehicles – also noting that a lot of people are opposed to this ordinance.

The Dyersville City Council will offer a work session via Zoom at the end of the next city council meeting on May 17th so residents for or against the ordinance can share their opinions.

You can find the proposed ATV prohibited road map, as well as the proposed ordinance and dates, on the City of Dyersville’s website at cityofdyersville.com.


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