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Earlville Legion Encouraging Community to Create Memorial Day Displays

Memorial Day is just two weeks away – and this year, the Earlville Legion is again asking for their community to help them mark the occasion.

Last year, they asked Earlville residents to set out combat boots as a way to honor those who served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice – but Legion Post Commander Loras Mensen says this year, they’re expanding that.

Mensen says Earlville residents can put up any kind of Memorial Day display they’d like.

Then on Memorial Day, the Legion will lead a tour through Earlville to see all the displays – that will begin at 10 am, leaving from the west side of the Earlville school.

If you plan to have a display and want to make sure it’s included on the tour, you’re asked to text your address to Loras Mensen at 563-581-1245. And Mensen says if you live out of town and don’t have a place to put up a Memorial Day display in Earlville, you’re more than welcome to set up a display along the cemetery fence in Earlville.


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