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Dyersville Expands Proposed ATV Ordinance to Six Weekends in 2021

ATV and UTV drivers are hoping they’ll be allowed in Dyersville this summer – and it looks like the City may now be giving them more of an opportunity to do so.

An ordinance has not been passed yet – the Dyersville City Council is still working on that. The first and second readings of the proposed ATV/UTV Ordinance were approved earlier this month – a third and final reading still needs to be approved for the ordinance to pass.

But the City has decided to update the proposed ordinance to include more dates and times that the ATVs and UTVs will be allowed in town. This comes after supporters were frustrated that the City was only going to allow ATVs and UTVs in town six days this year to test the ordinance. A work session was held after the Dyersville City Council meeting Monday night to come up with a compromise.

The City is now proposing that ATVs and UTVs be allowed in Dyersville six full weekends this year – June 11-13, June 25-27, July 9-11, July 30-August 1, August 27-29 and September 24-26. The vehicles will only be allowed to drive on the roads from 5 am until sunset.

These updated dates and hours will be up for approval, along with the third and final reading of the ordinance, at the next Dyersville City Council meeting on Monday, June 7th.


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