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Philgreen Handing Over Manchester Dance Studio to Former Student

A Manchester dance studio will be changing hands this year.

For years, Michelle Philgreen has led the Rec Center Dancers – but as she and her husband, Duane, begin retirement, the studio’s reigns will be turned over to one of Michelle’s former students, Bergan Blommers.

While she’s only 22 years old, Blommers has many years of dance experience.

And now, she’s getting ready to graduate from Wartburg. Blommers says taking over Philgreen’s dance studio wasn’t originally in her plans, but it’s an opportunity she couldn’t let pass by.

And she says the transition is already happening.

Blommers says they’ll start things off traditionally the way Philgreen normally would, but she also has a vision for what she’d like to see happen with the Rec Center Dancers.

For more information, check out Rec Center Dancers on Facebook.


photos courtesy of Bergan Blommers

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