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Delaware County Getting $3 Million from American Rescue Plan

Delaware County will be getting over three million dollars from the federal government as part of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

The American Rescue Plan was designed to deliver direct relief to Americans, rescue the American economy and begin defeating the COVID-19 virus.

Delaware County Auditor Carla Becker told the County Supervisors on Monday that the County is receiving $3,304,187 in two installments – one this fiscal year and one next fiscal year. The first check arrived Monday.

The County is creating a sub-fund of the General Basic Fund for this money, with the interest going to the General Fund. Becker says specific rules on spending the money have not yet been set, but there will be six main categories under which the funds can be utilized.

In other Delaware County news, several new county employees have been hired. Alex Sattizahn and Cecelia Wood have been hired as full-time jailers. And Delaware County Conservation has hired Dennis Stepanek, Holly Hogan and Kaden Ronnebaum as part-time seasonal employees.

And the new wind farm going up southwest of Manchester – the Independence Wind Farm – has been sold to a new company. RPM Access has sold the project to BHE Renewables based in Des Moines. We’ll hear more about that change in ownership coming up in tomorrow’s KMCH Local News.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH


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