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RMC Enhancing Services with New Avera eCARE Hospitalist Technology

Regional Medical Center is implementing some new technology.

It’s called the Avera eCARE Hospitalist. Paul Hultquist, the new RMC Med Surg/ICU Manager, says RMC cares for hundreds of inpatients each year with their trusted Hospitalists leading and coordinating care for their hospitalized patients.

However, Hultquist says access to around-the-clock physicians who also specialize in the care of hospitalized patients is beneficial in some cases. That’s why RMC is adding the Avera eCARE Hospitalist.

This partnership will allow RMC’s local team to get expert help and advice for especially challenging patients or when extra resources are needed, such as during overnight hours or periods of high census. Hultquist says it’s just another way RMC is enhancing patient care.

RMC’s Emergency Department has already been successfully utilizing Avera eCARE services for the past two years.


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