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Delaware County Clover Kids Visit Ronnebaum Dairy Farm in Earlville

On Saturday, June 5th Clover Kids in Delaware County experience life on the farm! Clover Kids were able to get an inside look at the Ronnebaum’s Dairy Farm in rural Earlville.

Clover Kids began the meeting by learning about the different dairy products they eat. Youth listed food and drinks they have for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. They quickly discovered that most of what they eat and drink consists of dairy products! Next, they read a book which told the story of how milk goes from the farm to stores for consumers to purchase.

Then, 4-H Members Haley, Bianka, and Braden Ronnebaum gave youth a tour of their dairy farm. They began by walking them through the dairy barn and then to the milking parlor. Clover Kids got to see how cows are milked and where the milk goes after it leaves the cow. They learned that the Ronnebaum family has to milk three times each day at the same time every day!

Not only did they get to see dairy cattle, but Clover Kids also got to see the Ronnebaums’ 4-H and FFA project animals, which included dairy heifers, sheep, goats, and pigs.

Clover Kids ended the day by making a sweet treat, ice cream in a bag! They enjoyed making their ice cream and having some milk and cookies too.

Clover Kids are now gearing up to participate in the Delaware County Fair in July! At Fair, they will get an inside tour of the Fairgrounds, with stops at several livestock barns to talk with 4-H members about their projects. Clover Kids are able to participate in a Project Showcase where they can bring one project they have made and share it with a judge. Clover Kids also have an opportunity to participate in the Clover Kids Pet Show. They can bring one pet to the fair to be judged during the show. These opportunities will be available for all Clover Kids in Delaware County. The Extension Office has put together resources that can be found on our website at extension.iastate.edu/delaware/4h.


story and photo courtesy of ISU Extension and Outreach Delaware County


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