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Second Mural to be Painted in Downtown Dyersville

Dyersville will be getting a second mural soon.

Dyersville Economic Development Corporation says this large mural will be on the side of Chad’s Pizza and Restaurant along 1st Avenue downtown.

The artist, Gaia Street, will be using inspiration from the Dyersville historic downtown bridge, as well as the Maquoketa River – which sits right next to Chad’s building. Officials say the mural will be a beautiful, artistic piece with touches of history and education from our area.

Voices Productions of Dubuque is facilitating this mural.

Last year, Dyersville got its first mural on the side of the downtown building that houses the “If You Build It” Exhibit – it features an iconic scene from the movie “Field of Dreams” of the Ghost Players walking out of the cornfield.

photos courtesy of Dyersville Economic Development Corporation


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