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Group Asks Delaware County to Protect Constitutional Rights

A group of northeast Iowa residents is asking Delaware County to protect their constitutional rights.

The group is called “We the People for the Constitutional Sheriff” – they formed in May after attending an event in Arlington that featured a presentation by former Arizona sheriff Richard Mack with the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

About a dozen of the group’s members attended the Delaware County Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday afternoon, requesting that the County pass a “constitutional sheriff” resolution. Bruce Rafoth of Earlville led the discussion.

Rafoth thanked Delaware County for voting against a countywide mask mandate last year, saying that mask mandates and closing down churches during the pandemic infringed on their constitutional rights.

The Delaware County Supervisors did not take any action on the information that was presented Monday, but they’ll review the materials the group left for them. Delaware County Supervisor Pete Buschmann told KMCH he’s “probably” on board with almost everything the group said.

Fellow Supervisor Shirley Helmrichs:

So far, no county in Iowa has passed a “constitutional sheriff” resolution, but Rafoth says their group plans to present the concept to more counties in northeast Iowa next week.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH


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