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Sentencing Set for Manchester Man Accused of Shooting Ex-Girlfriend

Sentencing has been set for a Manchester man accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend more than a decade ago.

Bob Krogmann will be sentenced on November 1st at 9:30 am in Black Hawk County. Krogmann was found guilty of Attempted Murder and Willful Injury by a jury in Black Hawk County District Court on Tuesday morning.

Krogmann was accused of shooting Jean Smith, of Dundee, three times in March 2009. She was seriously injured, but survived – and he was convicted of Attempted Murder and Willful Injury by a jury at that time. But in 2018, after serving about eight and a half years in prison, the Supreme Court ruled that there was a structural error in his case regarding the freezing of his assets.

Krogmann’s new trial began on August 17th. The prosecution argued he tried to kill Smith, while Krogmann’s attorneys claimed he was not able to form the intent to kill based on his mental health issues.

Delaware County Attorney John Bernau says Krogmann will be held at the Delaware County Jail in Manchester until his sentencing.


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