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West Delaware Instructors Teach Importance of 9-11 to Students

Saturday marks 20 years since 9-11.

And as many of us remember exactly where we were when the planes hit and the towers fell, there’s an entire generation who doesn’t have those memories.

Every student currently in high school or younger weren’t even born yet on September 11th, 2001. Even most college students weren’t around yet – or were too young to comprehend what happened that day.

To those students, it’s not a memory – it’s history. So it’s the job of our teachers to give students an idea of the significance of that tragic day – and how that Tuesday morning in September changed us forever.

West Delaware high school social studies teacher Corey Coates says he starts the conversation by showing a tribute to his students every year.

Coates says on September 11th, 2001, he had just started his 6th year of teaching and was gathering with his students in the annex as the school day was about to start.

Fellow teacher Jordan Pollock also recalls 9-11 with his senior government students each year during the anniversary.

And they talk about the legacy of 9-11 and how it’s changed our country.

He says there’s one particular story he shares every year.

Pollock thinks most students understand why 9-11 is such an important day in our nation’s history.

Coates agrees.

Governor Kim Reynolds has ordered all U.S. flags in Iowa to be flown at half-staff on Saturday in honor and remembrance of the lives lost on 9-11.

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