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REAP Assemblies Kick Off Across State

What kind of recreational opportunities would you like to see in Iowa?

That’s the kind of question Iowa’s Resource Enhancement and Protection wants to know.

Each year, REAP provides funding for local projects through a grant process – and each year, the requests for city and county grants exceed the amount available by two or three times. Since the program debuted in 1989, more than $365 million has been awarded to more than 15,000 projects.

REAP assemblies have kicked off across the state, giving all Iowans an opportunity to share and discuss their vision for providing outdoor recreation, improving water quality and preserving our historical assets.

The REAP assemblies being held over the next couple weeks are locally-led meetings where issues can be brought up and voted on. Residents come together to discuss the program, recommend changes and discuss impacts in their area. And delegates may be selected from the local meeting to attend the REAP congress in January at the State Capitol in Des Moines.

The REAP assemblies kicked off Monday in Calmar, with additional assemblies coming up. Residents in Jones and Linn counties can attend a REAP assembly tonight at the Conservation Education Center at Kent Park in Oxford. Residents in Delaware and Dubuque counties can participate in the REAP assembly on Thursday night in Maquoketa at the Hurstville Interpretive Center. And Buchanan County residents are welcome to attend the REAP assembly in Cedar Falls next Tuesday at the Hartman Reserve Nature Center.

All the REAP assemblies run from 6:30 to 8 pm. You can find more information online at iowareap.com.


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