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Meet the Candidates for Manchester Mayor

For the first time in more than forty years, Manchester residents will elect a new mayor next Tuesday.

Manchester Mayor Milt Kramer announced this summer he would not seek re-election and two candidates have filed to run for his seat – Connie Behnken and Jeff Ogden.


Connie Behnken is a lifelong resident of Manchester.

Behnken says running for mayor has been on her radar for many years.

Behnken says Manchester is a very progressive city, adding that Mayor Milt Kramer has done a fabulous job of being an ambassador for Manchester. She believes there will be challenges moving forward – but also a lot of good things the City can continue, along with new opportunities too. Behnken says if she’s elected mayor, her top priority would be to continue Manchester’s growth.


Behnken will face Jeff Ogden in next week’s election for Manchester mayor. Ogden has lived in rural Manchester for over 60 years.

Ogden says he’s always had an interest in how city government works and an opinion about it.

Ogden says he has several priorities if elected mayor of Manchester, with his main focus on addressing the City’s debt.


In the week leading up to the election, we’ll continue to introduce you to the candidates in several contested races – including Dyersville Mayor, Colesburg Mayor, Manchester City Council and West Delaware School Board.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd.

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