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Unofficial City and School Election Results

It was a close race for Manchester mayor on Tuesday.

The Delaware County Auditor’s Office says Connie Behnken has been declared the unofficial winner, defeating Jeff Ogden 601 to 538 votes.

The contested Manchester City Council At-Large race was even tighter, with Linda Schmitt defeating Diane Hammell 552 to 537 votes.

Delaware County Auditor Carla Becker says the votes will be canvassed on Monday. If the results are confirmed, Behnken will take over for retiring Manchester mayor Milt Kramer in 2022 and Schmitt will fill Behnken’s vacant seat on the city council.

There will also be new mayors in Dyersville and Colesburg next year. Jeff Jacque won the Dyersville mayoral race, defeating former mayor Al Haas 966 to 365 votes. Tom Forkenbrock won the Colesburg mayoral race, defeating Carl Scherbring 119 to 33 votes.

In Hopkinton, Cathy Harris was unofficially declared the winner for mayor with 93 votes, though there were 72 write-in votes.

In Delhi, mayor Greg Preussner received 89 votes, but there were also 113 write-in votes. Marty Kelzer publicly announced his campaign as a write-in candidate last week. But Becker says Delaware County has not balanced the write-in votes for that race, so it’s not clear how many votes Kelzer received and if other write-in candidates received votes as well.

Also in Delhi, eight candidates were vying for three spots on the city council. According to the unofficial results, Aran Klostermann, Craig Davis and Al Freiburger received the most votes with 121, 94 and 90 respectively. Dan O’Connell received 84, Susan Luensmann 82, Brett Wall 67, Joe Vorwald 47 and Holly Botos 32.

In Dyersville, there were two contested races for city council. At-Large incumbent Tom Westhoff was re-elected with 1,002 votes – he was challenged by Ashley Wohlers, who received 307 votes. And in Ward 3, incumbent Mike Oberbroeckling was re-elected with 413 votes, defeating Ben Ellison and Manessa Gaul, who received 70 and 47 votes respectively.

In the contested Dundee city council race, Tiffany Westerhuis and Dylan Ronnebaum unofficially won with 37 and 36 votes respectively. Kasey Curtis received 29.

Elsewhere around the KMCH listening area, unofficial results show the following as winners for their contested mayoral races:

Rodney Smith in Anamosa

Steven Knepper in Cascade

Robert E. Hill in Independence

Ben Stanford in Quasqueton

In contested city council races elsewhere around the listening area, the unofficial winners are:

Corey Birkel and Justin Phillip in Farley

Candy Langerman in Monticello

Melissa Hesner and James Loughren in Winthrop

It’s important to clarify that the results reported on KMCH last night were coming directly from the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office, which had incorrectly listed Debi Powers and Roni Hilby as the winners of West Delaware’s two contested school board races. KMCH News Director Janelle Tucker reported the issue to Delaware County Auditor Carla Becker – and Becker confirmed that those results from the Secretary of State’s Office were incorrect. Delaware County has confirmed Jamie Vaske and Steve Buesing as the winners of those two West Delaware School Board races – Vaske defeating Powers 1,343 to 377 votes and Buesing defeating Hilby and David Grandon with 810 votes, compared to 675 and 197 votes respectively.

In other school board races around the area, two candidates were running for one seat on the East Buchanan School Board, with Tim Recker receiving 310 votes and Stephanie Short 306. In the North Linn School Board race, Matt Hoover defeated Amanda Jo Krogmann 316 to 185. In the Starmont School Board race, three candidates were running for the two open spots – with Jacob Moellers receiving 288 votes, Victoria Althoff 184 and LaTosha Raber 160. And in the Western Dubuque School District, Mike Rea defeated Nicole Stecklein 2,351 to 1,373 votes.

Voters in the Maquoketa Valley, Western Dubuque and Monticello School Districts approved their district’s Revenue Purpose Statements.

And according to last night’s unofficial results, it appears Ed-Co’s $12 million bond issue for facility improvements came up short in reaching the 60% majority needed to pass – with the initial numbers showing about 53% of voters approving the two measures. It also appears that Dubuque County’s $40 million conservation bond referendum narrowly missed the 60% majority needed to pass.

About a quarter of Delaware County’s registered voters turned out to vote in this year’s city and school elections. Here in Delaware County, nearly 3,000 votes were cast. There are more than 12,000 registered voters in the county, which means voter turnout was around 24%.


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