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Lt. Gov. Gregg Attends Ribbon Cutting for Solar Energy Array at ESAPCO of FarmTek

Lt. Governor Adam Gregg was in Dyersville on Wednesday morning to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony with Engineering Services & Products Company Division of FarmTek.

Engineering Services and Products Co. (known as ESAPCO) officially unveiled a solar energy system that will power a large portion of its operation in Dyersville. In partnership with Eagle Point Solar, headquartered in Dubuque, the company recently completed a 450.56 kW-DC roof-mounted solar energy array. The array is comprised of 1,024 solar modules and six inverters and is designed to produce 572,674 kWh of electricity during its first year. The system will offset 110% of the energy usage of the company’s I-beam manufacturing facility.

Dave Buchheit, VP of Operations for ESAPCO, says Farmtek will benefit by saving around  $50,000 a year in energy costs. Over a 25-year span, the electricity savings of the system is estimated to reach nearly $2.5 million. During its lifetime, the system will compensate for 10,853.32 tons of CO2, equal to 1,193,865 less gallons of gasoline consumed or a carbon offset of planting 272,690 trees.

The new system is the latest effort by FarmTek to adopt renewable and sustainable energy strategies. Solar energy will help reduce the carbon footprint of the framing facility and is another step for ESAPCO in meeting its green initiatives and operational goals.

photos courtesy of Dyersville Economic Development Corporation

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