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Some Petersburg Residents Remain Concerned about New Public Sewer System

Some Petersburg residents remain concerned about sewer changes coming to their community.

Petersburg, which is unincorporated, has never had a public wastewater system – currently, the community is being served by private septic systems. Since 2005, the DNR has told the community it needs to meet their wastewater requirements. After a public vote in 2016, in which 54% of Petersburg residents who voted chose a controlled lagoon over a cluster system, the project is moving forward.

Delaware County Supervisor Shirley Helmrichs says they met with Petersburg residents earlier this fall to answer any questions about the upcoming project.

But not all of Petersburg’s residents are happy about the plans. Robb Harter addressed his concerns, along with the concerns of others in the community, to County Supervisors at their meeting earlier this week. Harter says there are several concerns – no one has provided them with a set amount on the cost to residents and business owners, the size of the line for the product to go through doesn’t seem adequate and residents were given the option to put in their own system years ago. Harter says there are worries the cost of the new system will be too much for residents and small business owners to bear.

Helmrichs and the other two Supervisors listened to Harter’s concerns, but Helmrichs says the majority of Petersburg residents have voted to move ahead with the current plans.

If all goes as planned, a lagoon will be going in southeast of Petersburg once a street easement is finalized. EIRUSS says construction on the sewer mains and structure connections in Petersburg should start in the spring.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH


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