Manchester Farmer Recognized by Iowa Soybean Association

Ankeny, Iowa – Kevin Glanz, a soybean farmer from Manchester, has been recognized by the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) through a new conservation initiative, “Iowa’s Front Forty,” which celebrates conservation champions in the state.

The program recognizes individuals who utilize and promote innovative conservation methods in their area. Iowa’s Front Forty will also seek to inspire further action in improving water and soil quality while illustrating how more public funding can dramatically increase the pace and scope of conservation activities in Iowa.

“We’re all about improving the productivity, profitability and natural resource management for soil and water in Iowa,” said Roger Wolf, ISA Director of the Research Center for Farming Innovation (RCFI). “The Front Forty captures the voices of local champions to advocate what’s been going on across Iowa for soil and water conservation for the purpose of replicating that success in other parts of the state.”

ISA is widely respected for implementing programs and services enabling soybean farmers to boost productivity in concert with effectively conservation practices. With the support of the Walton Family Foundation, Iowa’s Front Forty continues to celebrate conservation champions at the forefront of sustainable soil and water management practices.

Sharing stories of farmers who are successfully practicing and promoting soil and water quality has opened communication and dialogue among all Iowans regarding conservation. Each farmer can influence other farmers and citizens to do the same.

Launching the Front Forty program to connect farmers, landowners and conservationists around Iowa will elevate these success stories, empower grassroots influencers to continue advocating and educate policymakers about the benefits of long-term conservation.

“ISA is going to continue to invest in these kinds of programs, and we believe the voices and actions of local people are what make all of this work,” Wolf added.

To learn more about Iowa’s Front Forty and get to know the 2021 champions, visit


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