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Ryan Community Endowment Fund Receives $5,000 Gift from Seeds of Hope

Ryan area Seeds of Hope volunteers announced a $5,000 gift to the Ryan
Community Endowment Fund, which will support the community for generations to come.
Seeds of Hope is a partnership whereby local farmers volunteer to plant and harvest the
crop made possible in part by chemical and fertilizer donations from local suppliers on
land made available by Glen and Kathy Duggan.

It has been a tradition that in exchange for use of the farm ground, the Duggans direct
$5,000 in land rent from Seeds of Hope check to a charity.

As the Ryan Community Endowment Leadership Team builds awareness around a $90,000
challenge grant for the community, this Seeds of Hope gift will be matched in part by an
anonymous donor who grew up in the region and wants to see high-performing self-
determined communities like Ryan build a strong future.

Ryan Endowment leaders include Tom McDonald, Ken Ries, Bruce Quint, Lorraine
Gaffney, Justin Wenger, Marcia Voelker, Elizabeth Feldmann, Lucas Leonard and
Adam Ryan. They are advised by Nancy Preussner of the Foundation for the Future of
Delaware County.

These leaders have set a phase I goal of $150,000 for the endowment campaign and to
date have raised $48,000. All gifts of $50 or more are eligible for the Endow Iowa 25%
State Tax Credit.To make a gift online, visit dbqfoundation.org/Ryan or mail a check
to Ryan Community Endowment c/o Bruce Quint, Recorder, at PO Box 155 Ryan, IA
52330. Donors may also contact Preussner at 563-920-5590 to inquire about gifts of grain,
timber or stock.

Grants from the Ryan Community Endowment will be directed by these volunteer leaders
to emerging projects that make Ryan a stronger community.


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