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New Season Pass Pricing for Manchester’s Aquatic Center

The Manchester City Council on Monday night approved setting new season pass pricing for the Kramer Aquatic Center in Manchester.

Parks and Rec Director Doug Foley says the season pass fees have not changed in fourteen years – and after looking at the fee structure, the City realized that should be modified as well. Foley says after researching other aquatic centers across the state, he noticed a trend of moving away from a one-size-fits-all traditional “family pass”.

Currently, the prices per season are $60 for single pass and $125 for a family pass.

Starting next summer, the Kramer Aquatic Center will eliminate the family pool pass – instead, they’ll adopt a season pass based on the number of individuals on the pass. The new structure would charge more for larger families and would help to address how to handle non-traditional families where individuals may not live in the same household on a regular basis.

Season pass pricing for the Kramer Aquatic Center in Manchester would be $75 for one person, $130 for two people, $140 for three, $150 for four, $160 for five, $170 for six, $180 for seven and $190 for eight people or more.

A season pass will still include two adults and their children/step-children. Additional adults such as grandparents, etc. could be listed on the passes as caregivers/sitters for an additional $10, which would allow them to be admitted into the aquatic center only if they are with the children on the season pass.

The change in pricing will increase the aquatic center’s revenue, which will help compensate the increase in wages. Foley says last season, pool staff wages were increased a dollar an hour to $8.50 for lifeguards and $9.50 for lifeguards with WSI. He says lifeguard shortages across the state have forced many cities to increase wages significantly – and the wages at the Kramer Aquatic Center will be increasing incrementally throughout the upcoming years in order to keep up with nearby pools and other employers.

In other Manchester City Council news from Monday night…

The Council approved an engineering services proposal with Burrington Group to design an alley along West Main Street. The alley, which runs north/south off of West Main leading back to St. Mary’s School and the City’s parking lot, will be reconstructed with curb, gutters and storm sewer. The project is in conjunction with Joe Hildebrand’s redevelopment of his parcel at 301 West Main Street. The City is splitting the cost with Hildebrand. The design fee is $2,600, with a constructing staking fee of $1,000. City Manager Tim Vick says work is expected to start next summer.

The Manchester City Council also approved a proposal for professional services with Fehr Graham for West Main Water Main improvements. The water main would be replaced from an area just east of 12th Street to the Iowa DOT Shop along West Main – about 1,050 linear feet. This segment of water main is plastic and has deformed – and the City says it’s been extremely difficult for staff to trail out and mark the location of the water main for other utilities doing work in the area. The total cost for the proposal would be over $20,000, with funding coming from monies the City has received under the American Rescue Plan Act.

The City Council also approved proceeding with an income survey. City staff has been looking into applying for Community Development Block Grants for different projects over the course of the next few years – but in order to apply, the City will need to conduct and complete an income survey. At least five hundred responses will be needed. ECIA will help conduct the income survey at no cost to the City.

And the Manchester City Council is allowing camping at Manchester’s Schram Park during the CMJ Motorcycle Trials on August 6th and 7th. CMJ Raceway LLC made the request to the City after moving the event to two days instead of one, with two courses instead of one – one course would be at the Manchester Whitewater Park (like in past years) and the second course would be in the wooded and rocky areas of Schram Park. The campers at Schram would be restricted to no more than 25 campers and a single community campfire. CMJ Raceway and the City hopes this will bring more people into Manchester that weekend.


photo courtesy of Kramer Aquatic Center

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