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DNR Says 36 More Deer Found Positive with Chronic Wasting Disease

The Iowa DNR says they received 36 positive chronic wasting disease tests from some five-thousand deer samples this hunting season – with the disease found in two new counties.

The DNR’s Tyler Harms oversees the deer management program.

Harms says they will now do additional sample testing in Greene and Fremont County moving forward. He says they already do in other counties that have had positive deer — and those tests give them an idea of the level of CWD. 

Chronic Wasting Disease has been discovered in several local counties, including Dubuque, Clayton and Fayette. And he says Iowa’s efforts to try and keep the disease in check are working.

Harms says the best thing you can do is to keep hunting and keep submitting samples for testing.

Harms says hunters should properly dispose of the deer carcasses to help prevent the spread of the disease. And he says everyone can help by not putting out feed for deer.


story courtesy of Radio Iowa


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