Van vs. Pedestrian accident in Manchester

Manchester Police have released more information on a car vs. pedestrian accident late last week.

According to an accident report, a minivan driven by 37 year old Jamie Schulte last Monday afternoon was traveling Northbound on North Franklin St. in Manchester when she hit Tanner Grabbe who was walking home from school at the NE corner of the North Franklin/Union St. intersection.

There are pedestrian signs that can be activated to light up when a pedestrian activates them with a push button at that intersection. According to Jamie, the pedestrian signs had no lights flashing as she approached them. She proceeded through the intersection and suddenly heard a loud thud against her passenger-side.

She stated that one of her children told her that she had just hit someone. She stopped Unit 1 at the next street to safely park her vehicle, Liberty St., and ran to scene to check on Tanner.

Witness statements collected state they also saw no lights activated on the pedestrian signs and that Tanner had walked right out into the side of the van.

No charges will be filed as police conclude that Schulte took no improper action as it had entered the intersection prior to Tanner entering the intersection and had no reasonable time to yield to as Tanner stepped out into the side of the vehicle.

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