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Hosch Unofficially Wins Cascade Council Seat by Two Votes

It was a tight race for Cascade’s vacant city council spot on Tuesday.

The City held a special election to fill Steve Knepper’s council seat. Knepper was elected mayor of Cascade in November. 

Earlier this year, the council unanimously appointed Sue Knepper to fill his seat – but Cascade residents filed a petition asking for a special election instead. 

Three candidates appeared on the ballot – Sue Knepper, Bill Hosch and Brandi Keenlance. Hosch unofficially won the election by two votes. The unofficial results showed Hosch with 259 votes, Knepper with 257 and Keenlance with 22. 

Officials will certify the election on April 11th.

Over five hundred Cascade residents voted in the special election.

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