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Preview of Area Meetings Today

Area meetings today include…

The Delaware County Board of Supervisors meeting at 1:15 pm, with a public hearing on the construction permit application for Mormann Dairy in Colony Township. The Board will also consider establishing speed limit zones along 195th Street between 162nd Avenue and West Honey Creek Drive, as well as establishing/revising stop signs at the intersection of 320th Avenue and 225th Street and the intersection of 332nd Avenue and Windmill Road. 

The Manchester City Council meets at 5 pm. The Council will hold a public hearing on a proposed Urban Renewal Plan Amendment to the Manchester Urban Renewal Area. The Council will also consider requests for special exemptions to livestock restrictions for Samantha Roddy at 432 South Brewer Street and Dennis Rogers at 500 Lincoln Street, they’ll discuss Delaware County tourism and they’ll consider a lease agreement with Regional Medical Center to utilize land owned by RMC for a disc golf course. 

The West Delaware School Board meets at 6 pm, with a public hearing on the budget for Fiscal Year 2023. Also on the school board’s agenda – approving girls’ wrestling. 

And the Cascade City Council will meet tonight at 6 pm.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH

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