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Finkenauer Appealing Judge’s Decision to Remove Her from Primary Ballot

Abby Finkenauer is appealing a district court judge’s decision to throw her off the June 7th Democratic Primary ballot.

The Iowa Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing for Wednesday to hear arguments over the appeal.

The judge’s ruling issued Sunday night declared three signatures on Finkenauer’s nominating petitions invalid, due to errors in the section of the signature line where a date is to be listed. With the three signatures thrown out, Finkenauer does not meet the minimum threshold in two counties where her campaign had to collect at least 100 signatures. 

Finkenauer called the ruling outrageous and partisan. 

Two other Democrats — Mike Franken and Glenn Hurst — have been competing with Finkenauer for the chance to face Grassley in the General Election.


story contribution courtesy of Radio Iowa

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