Ag Informer – Delaware Co. 4-H Scholarship Winners

Delaware County 4-H Announces Scholarship Award Recipients!

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach supports a number of youth programs in Delaware County, including the 4-H program. Each year, Delaware County awards a number of scholarships to honor outstanding 4-H members who are graduating from high school. These scholarships winners are selected through a competitive process which is based on the student’s record of 4-H activities, scholastic record and participation, goals and future plans, and character.

For the 2022 graduating class, 16 senior 4-H members were awarded scholarships. The total amount of Delaware County 4-H scholarship funds this year was $8,550.

Leah Ries, Lexi Krogmann, and Maria Sperfslage received scholarships from the Delaware County 4-H Foundation.

Samantha Anderson, Carlee Smith, and Caleb Livingston were selected to receive the Delaware County 4-H Foodstand Scholarships.

Lane Domeyer was awarded the David Kunde Memorial Scholarship and the James R. and Frances Shover Memorial Scholarship.

Anya Westhoff was chosen to receive the Roger and Jody Helmrichs 4-H Scholarship.

Courtney Goedken was selected to receive the David Knipper Alumni Memorial 4-H Scholarship. Courtney was also chosen to receive the Seth Sellner Memorial Scholarship.

Macie Putz received the Tinker Family 4-H Scholarship.

The Robert Wendt 4-H Scholarship went to Isabell Kruse.

Annie Gulick was chosen to receive the Harold and Gladys Childs Memorial 4-H Scholarship.

Kendra Hillers and Shelby Krogman received the Robert E. Hall Memorial Scholarships. Shelby was also awarded the George Shearer Family Scholarship.

Alicia Nachtman was awarded the Gary (Otis) Helmrichs Scholarship.

Caelyn Sands was chosen to receive the Allen and Ruth Remling 4-H Scholarship.

Congratulations to all 4-H scholarship recipients. A special thank you to all of the scholarship donors for their support of the Delaware County 4-H program.

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