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Delaware County Rejects Bid for Courthouse Annex Property

Delaware County has rejected the bid they received for the Courthouse Annex property.

The Courthouse Annex is the former Community Savings Bank building that sits just a block west of the courthouse at 201 East Main Street in Manchester. The County had purchased the property for just under $600,000 three years ago with the intent to move the Delaware County Treasurer’s Office and Auditor’s Office there, as well as the county’s voting equipment – the goal was to give the County more room and to make those offices more accessible to the public by moving them to ground level. 

But after the County purchased the building, Supervisor Jeff Madlom says they were told by the State Fire Marshal’s Office that they were required to make improvements, which included adding a sprinkler system. The County says the unexpected improvements were more costly than they could afford. 

So they decided to put the property up for sale. Supervisor Madlom says several parties showed interest in the building over the past few months.. 

Sealed bids were due last Monday, with one bid coming in from Matthew Schulte and Mitch Peyton for $275,001. The County Board of Supervisors turned down that bid at their meeting on Monday.

Madlom says the County is still deciding what direction to take next. He received a phone call on Monday morning from someone else interested in the property, so selling may still be an option – or he says the County may decide to keep it.

Anyone interested in the Courthouse Annex property is welcome to reach out to the County Supervisors for more information.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH

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