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Manchester’s East Main Street Project Going as Scheduled

One-lane travel started on Manchester’s East Main Street this past week.

Last Wednesday, traffic was reduced to one-lane travel with temporary traffic signals on a stretch from Boubin’s east to NAPA. 

Crews are working on replacing the water main and sanitary sewer on the north side of the road, with East Main Street tore up and traffic being diverted just to the south of the street on a makeshift “road” through the parking lots of several businesses. Once it’s done, it will look similar to the section of East Main Street on the far east end of town. City Manager Tim Vick says so far, everything’s been going as scheduled. 

Vick reminds everyone there are a lot of businesses along that stretch of construction on East Main Street – and they’re all open.

This section of East Main Street will be one-lane traffic until mid-August.

photos courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH

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