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Coggon and Central City Non-Profits Awarded Grants to Preserve History

Linn County is supporting local preservation efforts by awarding grants to nine local non-profits.

The County Board of Supervisors has awarded nearly $29,000 from the Linn County Historic Preservation Grant Program. 

The Coggon Community Historical Society was awarded $3,400 to restore interior windows and shutters at Historical Hall. Central City Mainstreet is getting $3,000 for historic markers. And the Central City Historical Society has been awarded $4,500 to repair the siding on the Sawyer House and prepare for exterior painting. 

The Linn County Historical Society also received nearly $1,200 in funds to digitize their collections and the Genealogical Society of Linn County was awarded more than $500 for their binder project. 

The recipients were selected through an annual competitive process.

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