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Tuesday’s Delaware County Fair 4-H & FFA Winners

Tuesday was a busy day at the Delaware County Fair, with the 4-H and FFA Pet, Poultry, Rabbit, Meat Goat, Sheep, and Agronomy Shows. Here is a list of the winners, courtesy of ISU Extension and Outreach Delaware County:

Pet Show

Champion Pet Exhibit: Jonathan McGovern

Reserve Champion Pet Exhibit: Ryleigh Moriarity

Poultry Show

Champion Laying Flock-Pullets: Tracy Reth

Res- Lacy Reth

Champion Laying Flock-Laying Hens:    Aaron Dunkel

Res- Addison Stoerp

Champion Market Poultry Heavyweight Broilers- Rachel Anderson

Res- Aaron Dunkel

Champion Market Poultry Lightweight Broilers- Gabriel Long

Champion Young Turkey- Gabriel Long

Champion Lightweight Ducks- Ethan Eschen

Res- Cooper Eschen

Champion Heavyweight Ducks- Gabriel Long

Res- RJ Helmrichs

Champion Other Fowl-Bantams and Game Birds- Ethan Eschen

Res- Cooper Eschen

Champion Other Fowl-Exotic and Ornamental- RJ Helmrichs

Champion Exhibition Standards- Tracy Reth

Res- Tracy Reth

Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit- Tracy Reth

Reserve Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit- Rachel Anderson

Champion Junior Showman- Ethan Eschen

Reserve Champion Junior Showman- Declan Tucker

Champion Intermediate Showman- Tracy Reth

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman- Natalie Ries

Champion Senior Showman- Aaron Dunkel

Reserve Champion Senior Showman- Lacy Reth

Rabbit Show

Best Market Individual: Tatum Groskurth

Best Market Pen of Three: Carter Battin

Best Commercial-Breeding: Sophia Kruse

Best Commercial Opposite Sex: Kendra Lux

Best Fancy-Breeding: Natalie Bielby

Best Fancy Opposite Sex: Megan Bielby

Grand Champion Rabbit: Natalie Bielby

Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit: Sophia Kruse

Champion Junior Rabbit Showman: Westin Pins

Reserve Champion Junior Rabbit Showman: Carleigh Lux

Champion Intermediate Rabbit Showman: Tatum Groskurth

Reserve Champion Intermediate Rabbit Showman: Carter Battin

Champion Senior Rabbit Showman: Kendra Lux

Reserve Champion Senior Rabbit Showman: Sophia Kruse

Meat Goat Show

Champion Breeding Meat Goat—Haley Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Breeding Meat Goat—Bianka Ronnebaum

Champion Pygmy/Miniature/Fainting Goat—Addison Stoerp

Reserve Champion Pygmy/Miniature/Fainting Goat—Addison Stoerp

Champion Dairy Wether Goat—Brianna Harter

Reserve Champion Dairy Wether Goat—Amelia Schnieders

Champion Home Raised Market Goat—Gavin Stoerp

Reserve Champion Home Raised Market Goat—Sophia Dunkel

Grand Champion Market Goat—Braden Ronnebaum

Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat—Alison Schulte

Champion Rate of Gain Goat—Addison Stoerp

Reserve Champion Rate of Gain Goat—Braden Ronnebaum

Champion Junior Goat Showman—Cooper Schulte

Reserve Champion Junior Goat Showman—Layne Postel

Champion Intermediate Goat Showman—Braden Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Intermediate Goat Showman—Alison Schulte

Champion Senior Goat Showman –Bianka Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Senior Goat Showman—Haley Ronnebaum

Sheep Show

Champion Purebred Ewe- Holly Gudenkauf

Reserve Champion Purebred Ewe-Kirstyn Kolbet

Champion Purebred Ram-Kennedy Kolbet

Reserve Champion Purebred Ram-Kirstyn Kolbet

Champion Grade Ewe-  Lucas Knipper

Reserve Champion Grade Ewe-Haley Ronnebaum

Champion Grade Ram-Kirstyn Kolbet

Reserve Champion Grade Ram-Kennedy Kolbet

Champion Special Wool & Hair Breed Sheep-Brianna Harter

Reserve Champion Special Wool & Hair Breed Sheep-Dylan Rahe

Champion Young Breeders Flock-Kirstyn Kolbet

Reserve Champion Young Breeders Flock-Kennedy Kolbet

Champion Hair Breed Market Lamb-Dylan Rahe

Reserve Champion Hair Breed Market Lamb-Jenni Kelchen

Champion Lightweight Market Lamb-Braden Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Lightweight Market Lamb-Jenni Kelchen

Champion Mediumweight Market Lamb-Lucas Knipper

Reserve Champion Mediumweight Market Lamb-Haley Ronnebaum

Champion Medium Heavyweight Market Lamb-Bianka Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Medium Heavyweight Market Lamb-Kael Loecke

Champion Heavyweight Market Lamb-Caden Kremer

Reserve Champion Heavyweight Market Lamb-Bryce Kremer

Grand Champion Market Lamb-Bianka Ronnebaum

Reserve Grand champion Market Lamb-Lucas Knipper

Champion Home Raised Market Lamb-Lucas Knipper

Reserve Champion Home Raised Market Lamb-Sadie Schnieders

Champion Pen of 3 Market Lambs-Kennedy Kolbet

Reserve Champion Pen of 3 Market Lambs-Kirstyn Kolbet

Champion Rate of Gain-Owen Hubbard

Reserve Champion Rate of Gain-Kael Loecke

Champion Junior Showman-Bryce Kremer

Reserve Champion Junior Showman-Owen Hubbard

Champion Intermediate Showman-Holly Gudenkauf

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman-Caden Kremer

Champion Senior Showman-Haley Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Senior Showman-Bianka Ronnebaum

Agronomy Show

Champion Corn-Tyler Hoeger

Reserve Champion Corn-Cooper Eschen

Champion Soybeans-Madeline Fink

Reserve Champion Soybeans-Tyler Hoeger

Champion Oats-Ethan Eschen

Reserve Champion Oats-Tyler Hoeger

Champion Hay-Karl Zumbach

Reserve Champion Hay-Kaya Knipper

Champion Rye-Karl Zumbach

Champion Wheat-Cohen Tekippe


Tune in to KMCH throughout the week to hear from some of these winners during our “Meet the Champions” segments with Justin Roberts, with videos posted on kmch.com!

And visit the Delaware County fair today for the 4-H and FFA Dairy Show, Clover Kid day and judging, and the Breeding Beef Show!  You can find a full schedule of events at delawarecofair.com.

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